Biomedical Physics

Biophysics is the field that applies the hypotheses and strategies for material science to see how natural frameworks function. Biophysics has been basic to understanding the mechanics of how the atoms of life are made, how extraordinary parts of a cell move and capacity, and how complex frameworks in our bodies—the cerebrum, course, insusceptible framework, and others—work. Biophysics is a lively logical field where researchers from numerous fields including math, science, physical science, building, pharmacology, and materials sciences, utilize their aptitudes to investigate and grow new devices for seeing how science—all life—functions. Biophysicists are interestingly prepared in the quantitative sciences of material science, math, and science and they are capable handle a wide cluster of subjects, going from how nerve cells impart, to how plant cells catch light and change it into vitality, to how changes in the DNA of sound cells can trigger their change into malignant growth cells, to such a significant number of other natural issues.


  • Tissue Biomarker Imaging
  • Transcriptome
  • Aging and Drug Discovery
  • Liquid Metal Enabled Electrobiology
  • HCV Replication

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